Initial Consultation

We gather information, and listen to your concerns. This gives us an understanding of the areas that need to be addressed in your home.  


Floor Plan and 3D Renderings

($2.00 per square foot)

After the initial consultation, we take measurements of your space, and then provide you with a digital 3D visualization of your room or home. (Minimum charge $200).  Includes an additional meeting where the design is presented and discussed.  

An additional charge of .50 /sq ft will be applied if the clients would like to have revisions made or multiple options presented of the same space.


Design Decisions Meeting 


Once a floorplan has been approved, our designer will meet you in your home to discuss the details of the design. This discussion will determine any specifics regarding furnishing/decor, and the selection of the construction materials that will bring the approved design to life. Our designer will include a list of items related to your project that will need to be selected such as flooring, hardware, light fixtures, door styles, paint colors, accent wall finishes, or a lighting design.  Our designer will then guide you in making choices that are functional for your needs, and that reflect your personal style. 



($150 per room)

This is a “what to buy” and “where to buy it” list. Sourcing suggestions will be presented on a shared Pinterest board. Pinterest is a great avenue to view all of your proposed products (broken down into rooms or by category). When the client clicks on the selected item in Pinterest, the user is then linked to the site where it can be purchased. Budget constraints and style preferences will be discussed at the initial meeting, and selections will be made based on those parameters. Paint color options will also be provided.  


Store Visits 


Includes one hour of shopping time with our designer at a store of your choice - including but not limited to furniture stores, kitchen showrooms, flooring/tile stores, and home decor stores. Any additional stores will be $50 per store.