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We worked well together in the planning process.  His quote was very detailed and we could rely on it.  The team is really focused on trying to keep the house protected from debris and dust from demolition and construction.  I have not yet met another contractor that has matched their level of worksite cleanliness.  Demolition was done carefully and deliberately to avoid damage to anything that was not being removed.  Since we are living in an old house, we encountered a few surprises along the way as the walls and ceilings were opened up.  Those were solved quickly and effectively with minimal cost.  Friends know that we are detail oriented and value good craftsmanship, so they have asked us about Griffin Endeavors.  We always highly recommend the Griffin Endeavors team.

-Jim and Pat Ketterling

"...Eric is a highly motivated and skilled craftsman providing his clientele with professional and outstanding “design, build and/or renovate” approaches. Complimenting Eric, is his team of professional craftsmen and builders.  At all times, we found Griffin Endeavors to be honest, trust-worthy, dependable, and hard-working in his business ventures, providing excellent service to their clients... The work done on our home [basement and stairway renovations] has been exceptional, where they took the time to consult with us on each step of the project resulting in a successful and satisfying completion..."


-Murray and Pamela Gordon

"We were first introduced to Griffin endeavors when our contractor walked out on us before finishing the work that he had been paid for.  Eric's crew were professional, clean and it was obvious that they took pride in their work.  This year when our basement flooded we contacted Eric once more. He provided us with a detailed and competitive quote.  We found that Eric's work crew still had the same qualities and values as before.  If you're looking for quality workmanship at a competitive price as well as a work crew that doesn't walk through with muddy boots on, I would definitely recommend Griffin Endeavors for any and all of your renovation projects."

-George and Catriona Woodworth

"Eric and his team completed a significant renovation to our existing garage.  The team was great to work with! They were always on time, courteous, and both willing and ready to speak about and collaborate on the timelines, progress, and decisions needing to be made. The work was completed with care, and each day the crew took time to cleanup before leaving – a much appreciated small detail. Overall, we had a great experience working with Eric and his team, and we’d highly recommend (and have many times!) their services."

- Josh Prescott

"Their workers are diligent, very professional, and courteous, and cleaned up the debris after each day of their work.  They spared nothing in their attention to detail. They have a very fine and honest boss. And the rate was marvelous. What a pleasure to have seen good workers - always on time!  If all companies and workers were like that, it would be a wonderful example to children and others."

-W & D van den Hoonaard

"When I decided to carry out renovations to my four rooms in the upstairs of my house, I interviewed many contractors over the course of one-year.  I was becoming quite despondent until I made arrangements to meet with Eric Griffin of Griffin Endeavors and to my delight my quest for finding the right person for the job immediately ended. Eric and his team are wonderful to work with; never rushing you into making decisions that you may regret down the road; always patient, polite, professional and furthermore, reliable.  I could not believe the transformation; Eric's carpentry skills and careful supervision is unsurpassed and I have no hesitation in recommending Griffin Endeavors for all your carpentry/renovation needs - I know you will be as happy as I am."


-Christine Lodge

"Being a dedicated Do-It-Yourself renovator for my home, I was reluctant to engage the services of a contractor to take on some of my bigger projects.  I was unsure if I would find someone who was completely trustworthy and provided workmanship to the high level I expected and needed.  Griffin Endeavors has more than exceeded my most optimistic expectations.  They have provided superb workmanship for a recent bathroom renovation as well as replacing my shallow sloped roof with a much steeper one.  In both cases, I could not have been more pleased with the results and I would highly recommend Griffin Endeavors to anyone needing excellent quality workmanship for their home."


-Gordon J.W. Boneschansker, M.Eng., P.Eng.

“Griffin Endeavors has undertaken renovations at our home over the past three years, totaling approximately three months of “on-site” work. Throughout that time Eric and his entire staff consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, not only in the quality of work performed but also in their punctuality, cleanliness, manners, and pride in workmanship. We did not leave the home while the renovations were ongoing ; subsequently we were able to observe first-hand the work ethic displayed by Eric and his staff, as well as the considerable effort they made to minimize disruption to our daily routine.  I would have no reservation in recommending Griffin Endeavors to anyone, and already have on several occasions."


-Gary Moore

“I have had several instances where I was in need of repairs and upgrades to my home and hired Eric and his team for those. In each circumstance, they were on time with the finish of the work, neat and cleaned up after themselves and were extremely courteous. I was impressed enough to recommend them to my 94 year old mother for some of her reno needs and she was not disappointed. Griffin Endeavors is at the top of my list when I need something done. You will notice that I haven’t said anything about price. That’s because when service and quality of work are as good as I have received, price is not my first concern any more. But even then, they are fair and reasonable, so I win either way."


-Doug Boyd

“Eric, 'Thank-you'... I hope these two small words adequately convey our appreciation for all of the work you did.  It was quite remarkable to watch each day the transformation your crew made to our kitchen.  The finished product is wonderful.  I couldn't be happier.  You have such a highly skilled and dedicated group of guys working for you.  The pride they take in their work in shown in their attention to detail.  To Nathan, Brian, Dan, and Murray - we loved having each of them in our home and getting to know them better.  Thank you Griffin Endeavors.”

-Marg and Rick Stocker

“We hired Griffin Endeavors for two major projects at our house. The first was a complete makeover of our master bedroom and private bath, the second was installing a built-in high efficiency fireplace, complete with a mantle and hearth.  Eric took the time to listen to our ideas in designing each project and worked with us to find the appropriate materials. His crew is professional, experienced, and cleaned up the work site at the end of each day. Each completed project is a work of art and a pleasure to see!”

-Alice Blackmore

“I am pleased to share my experience with Griffin Endeavors. My renovations included creating a new hardwood stairway and railing system and railing for the kitchen/ family room.  This renovation included removal of carpets. Griffin Endeavors was able to match the oak hardwood color perfectly to my kitchen cabinets. My upstairs hallway was also renovated with hardwood floors. All of the carpenters were very professional and I felt comfortable in my home with them working.  I trusted them and I came and went as I needed. I would highly recommend Griffin Endeavors and plan to have them do future renovations to my home."


-Bonny Vaughan

“Griffin Endeavours provided a comprehensive quotation and worked closely with us, city planning authorities, and sub-contractors to help us realize our vision.  Eric and his team produced an extremely well-crafted product and were always flexible when we requested minor changes to the building plans.  The level of finish was remarkable and even the smallest details were never ignored.  We would not hesitate to use Griffin Endeavours again for our future building projects.”


-Chris and Sophia McFarlane

“Very professional and honest; Excellent work and kept to schedule; Quality of work second to none; Provided firm cost estimate and stuck to agreement; Hard working and trustworthy staff.”

-Gary and Connie Ross

"We were more than satisfied with Griffin Endeavors' total renovation of our main bathroom.  Eric's creative ideas made efficient use of what was a very awkard space.  Griffin Endeavors was a pleasure to work with - polite, always tidy, conscientious, and careful to maintain a high quality of workmanship.  We highly recommend Griffin Endeavors and would be happy to consult them again for future home renovation needs."


-Dr. Stephen Marisette

“I'm very pleased with my kitchen. [Eric] did a great job of bringing everything together and keeping on top of the "small stuff".  I felt I was in good hands!"

-Carol Hallett

“I am extremely pleased with the work that Griffin Endeavors performed at my residence in Hanwell. Eric and his crew of very clean and efficient construction pros were at my home for a week and while the work was being performed the job site was always clean and safe. The crew were always mindful of where to park the equipment and I never once heard any foul language nor did I ever see any waste. When I would walk out to inspect the work out of curiosity, I was always greeted with a friendly "hello" and a brief conversation and explanation of what was being done.

When the work was complete and the site was clear I was impressed to say the least. The work completed matched the quote and price. Payment was so easy too, all I had to do was e-transfer the funds and Eric sent me the receipt. I highly recommend Griffin Endeavors for any work around your home, business or cottage.

-Rob Brown, Real Estate Professional

"Nowadays it can be a real challenge finding experienced contractors that do quality work, start and finish a job when promised, all at a fair, agreed upon price.  Based on my experience the Griffin Endeavours team get a check mark in every box and have been a true pleasure to deal with."

-Paul McNabb

"Griffin Endeavors replaced and expanded our front step into a beautiful small deck.  The deck is structurally sound and adds great curb appeal to our house (it looks awesome).  The job was done on time and within budget (gotta love that). When the job was done, the site was cleaned up and left in great shape (nice!).  Can't wait to dig up the chairs and start enjoying our new deck.  Thanks so much Eric!"


-Peter and Fran Wolters